Cover Reveal – The Halley Branch!

The Halley Branch Cover - front

It is still several months out, but I thought you all might like to see what the cover for The Halley Branch will look like.

What do you think?  Like it?

Here is a rough draft of the front and back together.  This is subject to change.  (I will have a second post with some conversation about the cover later):

The Halley Branch Book Cover - Full


18 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – The Halley Branch!

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  4. idiotwriter

    As a cover designer, I think you did a good job Trent. The title stands out, but is cohesive. The image doesn’t look ‘stuck on’ but moulds to the cover. The colours are vivid, not too childish.
    The back cover is great. I like the touch in the background of the geometric shape to balance out the curves if the skull.
    Only thing I’m not that thrilled about is the back text being split. Its jarring, and not in a good way. :/
    Otherwise, well done!

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! And thank you for tips and advice. I did just what I said I was going to do, I ignored it, but ended up following it unconsciously and doing about 90% of what you suggested ;)

      Yeah, I get about the split text being jarring. I tried it several ways, and couldn’t make it look right, but that was a few months ago. I might try again.


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  6. Corina

    I guess I am the only one that does not like it. I think it’s too dark. Were it a book on a shelf, I would not select it to read. do I remember that you had at work for Halley Branch when you posted the chapters? I vaguely remember a drawing of the building where the family vault is. Either it was there is you described it so well that it left an impression on me. That cover I would pick up and read.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I guess I must have done a good job with the description… I used the original version of the drawing i used for the cover on ever chapter. I just checked the first two installments to make sure. I’ll post that picture later today to compare with the cover.

      I played with a few other ideas, but couldn’t make them work. If I came close, I would have sent them to the person I had do the illustrations for the other books.

      Even though this is supposed to be the final version, I am going to at the very least tweak it – in all of the programs I use it is almost too bright, but here on WP the colors are very dull, so that is something I need to check. Small, possibility of doing something else if more people jump up and say they don’t like it.

      But that’s the problem. For The Fireborn, the cover checks all of the boxes for a modern cover of the type, etc. A lot of people really like it. But I have run into a few people who read the book despite the cover, telling me that they never would have read it if ti wasn’t for me, yet they loved it once the got past the cover.

      Anyway, thanks for the input.

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