The Halley Branch Cover Reveal Part 2

The Halley Branch Cover - front

Yesterday I posted the cover for The Halley Branch.  Today I want to say a few things about it.

Several months ago I asked some people how early they do a cover reveal.  i was very surprised that most said 4 to 6 months.  I had someone say their publishing company did the reveal before the book was even finished!  So now that it is out there, I can use the image when I talk about it.

Some of you read the rough draft of the book when I posted it as a serial.  Do you recognize this image?

Halley Pencil Skull

This is the image that I used for all 30 chapters that I posted, as well as the table of content.

When I told people I was working on The Halley Branch again, a few weren’t sure what I was talking about.  That is, until I showed them the image.  When they saw the image, everyone of them instantly started talking about what they remembered.

That is why I wanted to use this image.

The original idea was to use the image as is.  I showed it around, and everyone hated it.  Those same people like the version I posted yesterday.

So that is the history.

The Halley Branch Book Cover - Full

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