The wound is the place where the Light enters you – Rumi

A post from Kruti that is in turns immensely sad and yet with hope, hope of reestablishing a family connection from 60 years ago, and perhaps of reestablishing a more direct form of communication from the past.

Let me tell you a story...

I have been on and off this space since a few years now. There was a time when this blog was my life – one post a day was my goal but that changed some two years ago when I transitioned from India to United States and more importantly I didn’t take it lightly – I was mad, sad , not “Ok” and wanting to go back. Within these two years a lot of new changes came in my life like adjusting to this new married life, getting a nice job (took me 3 companies to finally find the one that I like) and finally being ok to live here. But all of that took me far far away from my blog and also from the book that I was working on that time with one of the best thing that these blogging space has given me “Zee” – but…

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