Osprey – Early April, 2018

Osprey in Flight

I have not done a photo post in ages.  I used to do one a week.  I’ve been caught up in other things and actually have over 1000 photos from August 2017 – December 2017 that I have not even looked at.  It’s hard to go back, but I decided to go through all of photos I took this winter and early spring.  Almost all of the photos were from the last two trips to Cape Cod – last weekend (around April 14) and around March 31.

I decided to do four posts.  I will make the links “hot” as I put up each new post.

Hawks and Eagles
Ducks, Geese and Swan
Turkey and Other Birds
Water and Such

Today is Osprey.

Osprey in Flight


If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’ve posted dozens, perhaps hundreds of photos of osprey.  I just don’t tire of taking them!  They are so fascinating to watch.

Osprey - hover1

A big one can have a six foot (just under two meter) wing span.  If I hold my arms out as far as I can, it’s possible I wouldn’t be able to touch both wind tips.  They can use these big wings to hover.  Yes, like a humming bird, just sit in one spot.  They dive into the water after fish,and have a better than one in three chance of getting the fish they are after.


I was watching this one and knew it was about to fly.  I had the camera ready,but forgot that it would rise up, so I cut the wings off.


I’ve gotten better photos before.  A big part is that I have a new camera and can’t use the raw files in Photoshop unless I buy a subscription.  I can use Olympus’ raw conversion, but PS version is so much easier to use (since I’m in PS already) and, in my opinion, much better.

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Cape Cod with the wonderful Osprey!

Next will be eagles…

Here are a selection of photos.  Click on them to show more detail.  Also, if you click on it, you can then scroll through them.  Enjoy!

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