Hawks and Eagles – Cape Cod on April 14

Red Tailed hawk

The last couple of times I visited cape Cod I took quite a few photos.  I decided to divide them out into four posts:

Hawks and Eagles
Ducks, Geese and Swan
Turkey and Other Birds
Water and Such

The post is hawks and eagles.

eagle soaring

Early on Saturday afternoon I decided to do a walk down at Bell’s Neck Conservation area in Harwich.  The parking near the herring flume is less than a mile from my cottage, though I parked at the bike path and did a slightly longer walk.  As I was getting in my car to leave, a red tailed hawk flew over.  I see them a lot, but still can’t get enough of them.

Red tailed hawk - close up

When I made to the flume and damn, I saw another red tail fly over, so I took some more photos.

Red Tailed hawk

After the hawk disappeared, I sat and watched down Herring river.  Suddenly a huge shape rose off of one of the banks.  It soon became obvious that it was an eagle.  This was the first time I had seen an eagle on Cape Cod!  I took some photos.  Look closely at this photo.  Do you notice what it is carrying?  Perhaps the reason it was on the water….

Eagle and fish

After a while the eagle landed.  It was a distance, so I was going to follow the path across the river from it to get closer.  Before I went very far, something caught my eye.  Another eagle!  The eagle buzzed the first one, which took off.

This is the first photo I took of the two of them.  Notice the third bird in the photo?  That’s an osprey.  An osprey has a six foot wing span.  Notice how small it looks?  Eagles are massive!

poor osprey

Here they are fighting.

Eagle Fight

And here they are as they flew off after the fight.  Notice the one still has a fish!

Eagles and fish

If you are curious, these are immature Bald Eagles.  Their heads and tails will become white as they age.

Below are some of the best photos from these birds. As usual, click on a photo for more detail.  Once you click on one, you can scroll through them.  I hope you enjoy!



14 thoughts on “Hawks and Eagles – Cape Cod on April 14

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      1. SHL2

        Something took down a hawk in our yard that I am sure was preying on my birds from the feeders. All we found were feathers I think it was a a Crested Caracara because I have been seeing one flying around lately. They are birds of prey but they also will take food from others that they have killed and even kill them. They are in the Falcon family but also know as Mexican Eagles.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. SHL2

            The only thing left behind on this was the feathers. I am pretty sure I have been hearing its mate screaming as it flies over. I love watching them I hate when they eat my little birds.

            Liked by 1 person

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