Cape Cod in Late April Part 2

A couple of loons

Last Monday I posted a bunch of photos I took of Osprey.  All of these photos were taken in an hour.  I was on Cape Cod on a “stay-cation” at my cottage for four days without any work.  So what did I do for the other three days, 23 hours?  Well, here are some more photos ;)

Swan on Swan Pond

I have seen very few loon on The Cape.  This time I saw several on two different bodies of water.  I saw as many as three together and often saw two.  I didn’t hear that call they make.  Last year in Maine, at dusk, I sat and listened to loons call.  It is a magical sound…  However, at the end of April on Cape Cod, I did hear them “talk”.  They made sounds back and forth.  Very cool, if not quite the chilling call.

Loon on Swan Pond

I saw a lot of snowy egrets, but only got photos of one.

Snowy Egret

I didn’t see as many shore birds as usual, but I did get a photo of a light hose.

Sandy Neck Light as seen from Chapin Beach

Here is the gallery. Remember to click on a photo to get more detail. When you bring a photo up you can then scroll through them.

4 thoughts on “Cape Cod in Late April Part 2

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Loons are my favorite water bird. I have carved loons and painted loons all over the house. We used to vacation by a distant lake in northern Maine and the sound of the loons calling at night was truly the sound of the great north lands. I love all the water birds too but there is something about the loons.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I do love the loons too. I used to vacation in a place in Canada where the loons would serenade us ever night. I went back once as an adult and was out in the middle of the small lake at dusk and had a loon on either side of my, about 30 foot off, calling to each other. It echoed back and forth and around the lake. You could hear the echoes for more than 20 seconds…. I don’t know if I’e had as unearthly of an experience…



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