Introducing Trevor – The Halley Branch

Imagine living your life day to day almost by rote or routine.  Everything seems to be going great.  A super career, a great relationship with your significant other, a loving family, an ideal life.  But then what if  you discovered that it was all a lie?

Trevor woke up early on Saturday, August 15, and started his normal routine.  The day turned out as anything but routine.  Visiting the Hawkins Mausoleum might have been normal, but premonitions and visions of a dead girl or woman covered in only a funeral shroud cast a pall over the entire day.  And that was just the begining.  Within a few days he began to question everything.  Was his girlfriend Bethy really “the one”?  Was their relationship as perfect as he had assumed?  He was considered an “enfant terrible”  at work and skipped many rungs in his climb up the corporate ladder, but why had he stalled?  Was he really letting his coworkers down?

And then there was his family.  Were they really a cult with roots going back to colonial America?  And why were his memories from the “black side” of the family, the African American Hawkins Branch, so foggy, as if blocked from the outside?

Perhaps most importantly, what did the long extinct Halley Branch of his family have to do with any of it?

Trevor Samuels is the main character of The Halley Branch.  The book is written in first person from his point of view.  He is a bio-tech engineer in his early 30s.  You could call Trevor a bit of a nerd. OK, he is “a lot of” a nerd, but he isn’t all work and no play.  He enjoys running, likes to hike and when he escapes the city he spends time alone in the wilderness.  Yes, all quiet activities.  You see, he is an introvert and more than a little shy.  He also has a slight stutter which comes out when he is nervous, or as he would say, he stutters “when I’m frightened, flustered or confronted with a beautiful woman”.  Despite this meek outward appearance, he has a great inner strength.  In fact, it is possible he has a large Power, something that he keeps hidden even from himself.

Is his hidden Power enough to save him and the ones he loves from the icy fire of the Halley Branch?

An evil 300 years in the making.  A trap set 150 years in the past.

The day should have been a normal “family day” at the Hawkins’ Mausoleum, but a premonition followed Trevor into the crypt. To make matters worse, he couldn’t shake his morning vision of a dead woman draped in a funeral-shroud.

After rescuing a girl trapped in the tomb, repressed memories forced him to reevaluate everything. Was his extended family a cult with roots going back to America’s colonial past?  Was the evil Benjamin Halley still stalking his tomb after 150 years? Was there any truth to the Power described by the family’s patriarch, Miles Hawkins?

Trevor realized that he was being manipulated and drawn into a trap set in the 19th century, and feared that everyone around him had already been ensnared.  Who could he trust?  The members of his own family’s Branch, The Bradford’s, like his cousins Bill or Stan?  Perhaps members of the Hawkins Branch, such as the beautiful but jaded Amelie?  The one Branch he knew not to trust was the extinct Halley Branch.

But the Halley’s were the ones who were welcoming him with open, if dead, arms.

Learn about Trevor’s girlfriend, Bethy.
Benjamin Halley.
Introducing Amelie
Abigail Bradford (nee Hawkins)



24 thoughts on “Introducing Trevor – The Halley Branch

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! I had someone do my other two covers, but I had to do this one. I wrote the first rough draft of this as a serial on my blog. Every post featured a “rough draft” of this picture – one of my colored-pencil drawing that I later manipulated to create the cover.


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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks. For the most part I tend more towards contemporary/urban fantasy than horror, so while there may be scary moments, most of it won’t keep you up all night… maybe ;) I have read that the difference between urban fantasy and horror is that in the fantasy the characters act how you say you would when confronted with the monster/ghost/etc while in the horror they act how you would if really confronted with the monster/ghost/etc. I am going to try to release it in July.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. NorCal Zen

        I guess that makes sense. I haven’t read that much fantasy. I did really like Neil Gaiman’s books though. Best of luck with your book. That is exciting!

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