I’m Back! Maybe…


I am still here!  No, I was not eaten by sharks.  I just kind of faded away….

I was posting pretty regularly until about a month ago.  In the last month, well, I’ve had three posts in the last month…  Yeah, not very good.

But hopefully this little lull is over!

I have been reading some of your posts the last few days.  Not really catching up – that would be impossible!  But sticking my toe in the water so I can get back into it.

I may offer a little more detail later, but for now just a quick paragraph or two or three.

It started because I was ultra-busy at work.  I do read some posts and actually write some of my own posts, during breaks from work.  I had no breaks for a few weeks so no reading or writing.  I actually had one day that went from 6 AM to 10 PM without stop.  It was a Friday…  When I leave work after being beat up all day, the last thing in the world I want to do is sit in front of a computer….

A second part of why it started when it did is that I was a little down back in early August.  I’ll admit, a big part of that was after releasing The Halley Branch.  Does anyone else get a little “Post-Publishing Depression”?  At least this time I didn’t read a few long rants about how much people hate indie-author-bloggers, which I did after releasing The Fireborn….

After that I took a vacation.  I didn’t go far.  Actually, I spent a week on Cape Cod (surprise).  My parents came to visit during this week.  I did not feel like blogging at all.  I tried to stay away from the computer as much as possible.

And now I am back.

Hopefully I’ll have something a little more interesting for you soon :)



28 thoughts on “I’m Back! Maybe…

  1. prior..

    welcome back and in my very limited and humble opinion – I think those who take breaks stay healthier – I am not mentioning any names – but I know a blogger right now who needs a break – and some of their snippy comments are because they are lost in the vortext and maybe addictive momentum that a nice blog pause (or fast) could maybe help.
    but I digress…
    Just wanted to say I am moving into a slower mode myself — a bit slower for September
    have a picture to show you for my “fences” post
    be back later

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Y. Having a break is good. I needed it, though I didn’t realize how much until I tried to jump back in and discovered that I needed more time!

      Another “Trent” sign? Looking forward to whatever it is :)

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Well, they didn’t dump on my site. A few people I used to follow wrote long, scathing tirades on their own blogs after I put out The Fireborn. I thought I had some type of relationship with these people through comments, so it surprised me at how vicious they were in the attacks. None of them had read the book. Anyway, it didn’t’ happen this time (that I know about), but I am still careful with marketing. I know (and knew back then) that 95% of the people who read my blog aren’t interested in my books.

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  2. Sandra Conner

    Well, here’s how I look at people who complain about independent publishers who promote their own books. Those same people will deliberately click onto the websites of authors who have been published by some of the mainstream publishing houses. They go to those websites and read all the advertising, bragging, and other hoopla about all of those authors and their books. So they eat up the promotional material if it’s presented by someone they “think” knows what they’re doing. But in reality, many of the independently published books on the market right now are every bit as good and some of them much better than what the “big five” are currently putting out.

    Not only that, but a good many of the currently best-selling authors loved and read by these people who rant are authors who became best-sellers by independently publishing their first books. So my policy on those who rant about the subject is simple: IGNORE THEM AS IF THEY DIDN’T EXIST!

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      The “Post-Publishing Depression” (let’s call it PPD ;) ) this time had less to do with the nay-sayers than the anti-climatic feeling after putting in all of that work and nothing happens. But with The Fireborn, I did get a huge backlash. Not sure where it came from, but some of it was pretty stinging.

      I know that the world has changed. The Martian even became a block-buster movie. And there are others, though few that have Matt Damon promoting their independently published books ;)

      The PPD wasn’t the cause of me dropping out, that was being swamped at work, it just made it “easier” for me to not bother with the blog when i was overwhelmed at work.

      But, yeah, I am trying to ignore them and stopped following most of the people who wrote those negative things last time (if you read the book and criticize it, that’s one thing, but if you trash it because of my publishing methods?….)

      Thanks Sandra :)

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      The good thing is that the issues at work were pretty much resolved just before I started my vacation – perfect timing! It’s been busy at work since I’ve returned, but it hasn’t been insane. As far as getting things accomplished, my team is very good, and it is always good for upper management to see them in action ;)

      There haven’t been many naysayers after The Halley Branch, but it seemed like a lot of them came out of the woodwork after The Fireborn. Perhaps since I stopped following most of them I just haven’t heard it ;)



  3. Gary A Wilson

    Hey Trent. You’re singing my song and saying it better than I could I suspect. My whole job, less a few phone conferences where I can get up and stroll about some, is otherwise in front of a computer. At the end of even a mildly stressful day, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of the the computer longer to do anything; write, pay bills, read books or blogs or facebook – anything with a keyboard.

    when it comes to blog reading time, I prefer quality rather than consistency of production. I was pretty sure you’d be back when you were ready maintain your level of quality. I know it must drive you as it does others. Welcome back. Don’t cooperate with the depression. I think all artists have some kind of post-release tension, and you’ve had a tough run at work on top. Get some quality rest my friend.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Exactly – sitting in front of the computer, trying to pay attention to the teleconference, doing troubleshooting and having 10 IM windows open so you can talk to the technical people about what is happening – that was my world 8 hours (8 to 16!) for three weeks. Plus calls at 11 PM (why I started at 6 AM) and 4 PM on Saturday… The good part (to me) was that it was someone else’s system that was the root cause, it just played havoc with mine since they are so tightly integrated. The even better part is that none of the big public sites were effected, so it was 50,000 people complaining, not 50,000,000. Still, when I logged out of my work computer, the last thing I wanted to do was look at another computer!

      Having the week’s vacation just after the issue was solved was perfect, so I am well rested now.

      Thanks! Still trying to get into it, but nice to be back.

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  4. Mrs. Completely

    I totally understand, Trent. I’ve been a little depressed and then family explosions and so busy….it’s difficult to keep up with my favorites which includes you. So far I haven’t made any money at writing so it’s the first thing to be set aside when push comes to shove. Hopefully, I’ll find a little more time in the near future. Take care of yourself, friend. 😊

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