Inter-Dimensional Dancing

Last weekend I was at my nephew’s wedding.  The reception was held at my parent’s house.  They set up a tent on their brick patio between their house and garage.  The tent was fringed with small purple lights.  Good thing, too! Well, not good about the purple lights, but about the tent.  You see, it poured!  Despite the rain, people used the tent as a dance floor.  I tried to get some photos, but it was too dark.  So I decided to have some fun instead.

These are pretty much straight from the camera.  And no drugs were used in the making of the photos ;)

Inter-Dimensional Dancing

Doing the Time Warp?

A hole in the space-time continuem

Through the portal

What do you think?

14 thoughts on “Inter-Dimensional Dancing

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Hi Alexis. It was dark under the tent, so my camera had a very long shutter speed (I had it on Aperture Priority). I had a zoom lens on the camera. So I focused at one point,at one of the dancers, with the lens zoomed all of the way out. I clicked it and zoomed in. Or was it the other way around – focused zoomed in and then zoomed out? No matter, the important thing is that the zoom was very fast, so mostly just the lights were zoomed. The people dancing were almost frozen at the beginning and end of the zoom, so you can see them as “ghosts”, mostly at the “zoomed in” side.


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