Time and Photos #tanka #haibun #haiku


Time and Photos

Photos beyond count
Raw statistics in folders
No time to revel
I have snapped many pictures
But have left them unopened

I open the ‘Explore’ on my computer and go to photographs.  There are folders ordered by dates staring at me.  Each folder contains a lot of photos, dozens, hundreds.  I leaf through some and find them both familiar and unfamiliar.  I have seen very few of them since the moment I clicked the shutter.  There are birds and people.  There are rabbits and buildings.  There are trees and lakes and seascapes.  Pictures of merrymakers reveling at a wedding reception, dancing to loud music.  Birds sitting on quiet shores or soaring majestically through the air.  Where has the time gone?  Why can’t I just sit down and go through these pieces of memory?  Perhaps even post some on my blog  Ooops, where has the time gone!?! I have to get back to work!!!  Bye…

I honor eagles
Many other birds as well
By taking pictures


(Based on a true story ;) I have thousands of photos that I have not looked at including my nephews wedding pictures. The picture at the top was grabbed almost at random from photos I have not looked at since I took them, this one in May)


Written for Colleen’s Poetry challenge.  Each week she gives us two keywords, only we must use synonyms only, not the words themselves.  The words this week are “Celebrate” and “Number“.  This week I wrote a Haibun that includes a Tanka and a Haiku (sort of haiku ;) ).

8 thoughts on “Time and Photos #tanka #haibun #haiku

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  3. Gary A Wilson

    I see you are correctly noting the situation we find ourselves in when technology allows us to capture so much content – but perhaps struggle to find the gems in the warehouse. Technology can help us capture it, but what algorithm shall we use to teach our tech to recognize artistic value? Good hunting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      sometimes we get spoiled by the technology and forget that it is still the brain that does the hard work. It is now so easy to take thousands of photos – I have almost 100 of that eagle alone. But how do we pick which one? Thanks, Gary.


  4. Colleen Chesebro

    Wow! Excellent poetry! You should upload a bunch of your photos to Pixabay and start an account. I’m always looking for images. <3


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      There is never enough time… One thing I noticed, if I get very involved in an “art”, I have a hard time doing any other art. I have been writing a lot, so I play very little music (I do play the piano for my dogs when they eat ;) ), I haven’t been drawing or painting and I haven’t been going through photos. I want a 36 hour day, an eight day week and still only work 45 hours a week! Then I might be able to do 5% of what I want instead of 1%…



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