Happy Thanksgiving!

Although I write a lot about smiles, I don’t write much about gratitude or being thankful.  That’s not changing ;)  Oh well, I was off to such a good start here, and I blew it…..

Seriously, I know that I have a huge amount to be thankful for.  My entire life has been blessed in many ways.  I had a great childhood with great parents, both of whom are still with us.  I got along with my siblings and still do.  I was never social, but I have had, and still have, good friends.  I had a good education.  I have a good job.  I have had good health.  Still do!  I’ve seen and done a lot of things.  I’ve been to many places.  Had a very wide variety of experiences, many that most people will never have.  I often take these, and all of the other things that I didn’t mention (things, property, etc.) for granted.  I know that is bad and try not to, but I do.  i think we all do.  It is human nature, particularly for those of us who are doing well.  We forget.  or we don’t know.

One day a year we stuff ourselves and talk about being thankful, but we need to be thankful every day.  And we need to go beyond just being thankful.  That is just a starting point.  We need to look at those around us who have less and  try to help.  And I’m not just talking money.  For instance, I have a great relationship with my living parents, so I need to be there to help those around me who have a rotten one, or who did have a great one but their parents are gone.   I don’t mean feeling pity for those who have less.  Is is deeper than that.  It is not looking down, but seeing an equal how happens to have a need.  We all have needs.  Everyone of us.  I do.  You do.  And we should all be there for each other.  We are all in this together.

What I am saying is being grateful should not be a selfish thing.  It should not be about yourself.  Being thankful for what you have, giving gratitude, should be a first step on the road to compassion and then, the best part, to a giving nature,  I am not there yet, but isn’t that the goal of life?  If there is a better one, I’ve never heard of it :)

Anyway, a bit of sappy philosophy on “Turkey Day”.  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.


Notice the tombstones behind the turkeys int he photo at the top of the page?

6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Gary A Wilson

    Indeed Trent. There will always be something attractive about a grateful heart, which means I must also embrace a degree of sap – fine – done and done, for the lack of same always takes one to an ugly form of presumption, self-entitlement and distance from others who were not so blessed. I’ll choose to follow your sappy pattern any day good man.

    Can I counter offer you a nice shot of maple tree sap to toast in the season of gratitude? This particular brew has only been partially boiled down and is still thin and warm enough to take the chill away from most hearts.


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