In Santa’s Shadow by Trent P. McDonald | Advent 2018 Day 2 | 1st Sunday of Advent

I joined in Solveig’s Advent Calendar again this year with another short story! Go over and check it out.

Solveig Werner

In Santa’s Shadow

By Trent P. McDonald

Voices where emerging from the kitchen.Loud voices.Chet knew that Mom and Ty were arguing.Again.He couldn’t make out anything more than single words here and there, little blasts of clarity through the heated rumble.His stomach turned over and twisted into knots.Why did they have to do this on Christmas Eve?

The kitchen door flung open, expelling Ty into the hall.He grabbed his grubby jacket, the same one he had worn pretty much every day since he received it last Christmas.It was far to thin for the weather.

“Hey, wait,” Chet said.  “I want to come too.”  He pulled himself up, trying to look tall for his 13 years.

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4 thoughts on “In Santa’s Shadow by Trent P. McDonald | Advent 2018 Day 2 | 1st Sunday of Advent

  1. Gary A Wilson

    Hey Trent, a couple of questions.
    Did you intend, “Voices were emerging from . . .”
    rather than, “Voices where emerging from. . . “,
    “was far too thin for. . .”,
    rather than, “was far to thin for. . .”.

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      1. Gary A Wilson

        Yea – I noted that after I sent them to you. One of the things I really love about using the blog format is that you can almost always go back and correct such things (for future readers) but in this case, you’d have to also chase down Solveig, which may be more of a hassle than it’s worth. I really do appreciate when someone calls out my own typos and offer them in hopes of helping your work read even better. Cheers.

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