The Weekly Smile 12/3/2018 #weeklysmile


This might seem like an odd smile at first, so stick with it to the end :)

Both of my parents had the flu in April.  It was bad.  When I saw them in August they were still not completely recovered and tired far easier than they had the year before.  In early October they were closer to their old selves.  It took a while!

A little over a week ago they became sick again.  Last Sunday my mom rushed my dad to the hospital.  He was running a very high fever and was very dehydrated.  When they tested the discovered that he did not have “the flu”, he had two different strains of flu at the same time!  They kept him over night.

I talked to him a few minutes on Friday and he sounded really good.  Last night he was even better.  As was my mom, who didn’t have it nearly as bad as he did.  They both said that despite the scare of last Sunday, they were not as sick as they were in the spring.  No where even close to that sick.

Yes, it will take a long time to recover, but they are not expecting it to take as long as it did in the spring.  And they are both up and doing their normal routine, which is, in many ways, busier than people half their age.

So that is my smile: my parents, and my dad in particular, are not as sick as we thought they were just a week ago and recovery is going well for both.  No worries about them being sick over Christmas.

What made you smile?


Come on, I’m sure you smiled at least once last week.  Why don’t you share it?  I hope you can join in!

Here is list of “rules” and guiding ideas.  If you don’t have time to read it right now, just remember that this is an exercise to spread positivity.  Don’t smile about the misfortune of others.  Don’t smile in a way to excludes others.  Make sure a 12 year old can read it.

And remember, the Smile can be anything, large or small.  Nothing, nothing at all is too small for a Smile!  Sometimes taking time to notice those small, every day smiles is more important than those once in a lifetime huge ones :)

To join in, write a post to share your smile and then leave a comment on this post with a link to your smile.  Or, if you prefer, do a pingback to this post (pingback = have a link from your post to this one).   You can post any time until next Sunday evening (to be simple, I will say midnight GMT, which is 7 PM Sunday for me).   Next week I will compile all of the Smiles and do a separate post of them on Monday morning just before the smile.  (I will shoot for around 7 AM EST).

Try to use the hashtag #WeeklySmile when you use Twitter or other social media that uses hashtags. I searched Twitter and found that #weeklysmile had been used only a handful of times back in 2012 and 2013. It hasn’t been used since. So it’s ours! I also registered it on Twubs.

You can use the graphic at the top. It is the official graphic for the event.

Now go out there and find something to smile about! :)


“There are days I go in search of the kind, compassionate, loving and beautiful. Despite what we sometimes see on the news, FB and elsewhere, there is much more beauty in the world than ugliness, much more kindness than hate or cruelty. Perhaps we should all have a goal to make at least one person smile every day.”


When I used to do a monthly compassion post, this was my theme:

Empathy is the glue that holds society together and compassion is what makes a group of people a civilization. Without holding our hands out to our fellow humans we become savages. We are all in this together, in a closed system, so we must all help each other. How lonely life must be for those selfish people who don’t realize this simple truth! How lonely for anyone who doesn’t realize that all are our brothers and sisters! How lonely must the self-righteous be!

38 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile 12/3/2018 #weeklysmile

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  4. ForgivingConnects

    Yay! I’m so glad that your parents are (a) getting well and (b) know what’s going on with their flu! Awareness can be a part of health and healing. It sounds like you really care about your parents. :) My weekly smile is coming tomorrow. After that, I’ll be gone on a spiritual retreat for a few weeks. Blessings to you, Trent! Debbie

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  9. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Trent, here’s a quick little item for a smile this week.
    A friend and I were chatting about our kids when they were very young and she reminded me of the following.

    I recall when my daughter was less than a year old and would wake up each night between 1 and 3am. I determined that my wife desperately needed sleep and that because of my job, it was better that I get up to deal with our early riser. I was always groggy and barely awake myself, but had a system set up where I would lift Tori out of her crib to calm her down, then would gently kick a well-rolled up quilt out from beneath her crib, then a second kick to cause it to unroll across the floor leaving it was laid out like a sleeping bag ready with pillow and folded-back top ready for her and I to crawl into. I would then give her a tight snuggle and, if I did this all fast enough, neither of us were so awake that we couldn’t easily fall back to sleep.

    For the first week or so of this, I was kind of grouchy about it all, but suddenly realized that all my daughter wanted was me hugging her. Good Lord! I thought. Where else would I rather be?

    For the time she wanted this extra attention, it cemented itself into my mind, and hers (even though she does not recall it directly) as one of the best memories I have of her childhood. I have never regretted a second of the time I invested doing this and certainly not any of the few minutes of sleep I actually lost. She is almost 25 now and still tells me that there is nothing like a dad-hug.

    God only loans us our kids for what is often too-short a time. Investing in strong memories like this helps when they move on.

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  10. Piglet in Portugal

    This is a wonderful weekly smile, Trent. Having had flu last year for over two months, I can really appreciate how debilitating it is. Relieved to hear your parents are not as sick as you first thought and fingers crossed they stave off the flu-bug for the rest of the winter.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I’m not sure how you run out of material… but I do all of the time and I don’t post as much as you. Sometimes I have 1,000 posts in mind, but sometimes there are zero. Looking forward to it :)


  11. Corina

    I sure know about long lasting illnesses. I currently am on week three of a very nasty cold. I coughed so hard and so much last week that my ribs ache like when I broke a couple of them awhile back. But mine is because of the diabetes which zaps the immune system in my body.

    In any case, yes I agree that it’s certainly great that they are both feeling better! Wonderful smile!

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I’m sorry, that sounds awful! I hope you are on the road to recovery. I’m sure you are right that part of your problem recovering is the diabetes. It doesn’t make it any easier!


  12. Tara

    I’m glad your parents are doing better. It does seem to take longer for the older folks to recover and I for one cannot get my mom to drink enough water, which would help immensely! Hoping they’re back to feeling like themselves fully very soon!

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      As we age it takes longer to recover from illness. But hopefully this one will be a lot shorter than the one in the Spring! It does already seem a lot better so…

      Most people don’t get enough fluids, but without going into any details, a lot of the dehydration was the illness.


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