Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Intruders, Fiyero, Idina… and the zombies..

Fiyero and Idina have broken into my computer and wrote Sue Vincent’s canine , Ani, a letter. Bad dogs! Well, read what they wrote

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

So, a week to go till turkey time and she’s still looking like something the cat dragged in and promptly dismembered. I’m twiddling my paws, wishing she would hurry up and get well, ’cause, frankly, the fish are no fun to play with and, since we got that new tank, I can’t even get my head in there any more…

She seems to think the fish will be glad about that, but unless I can get in there, they are just like interactive TV…or maybe we are for them, not sure ’bout that…

I have talked to her about how much easier two dogs would be, ’cause we could play and leave her in peace… but she says we are not allowed and the fish will have to do. Okay, I have them trained and they play rugby with the fish pellets instead of a ball, but it really isn’t…

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6 thoughts on “Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Intruders, Fiyero, Idina… and the zombies..

  1. cordeliasmom2012

    Couldn’t comment over there, so I’ll leave my comment here.

    Pets do have a way of getting into those computers when we’re not looking, don’t they? Puppy Cody does it often enough, although she’s been a little lonely since Anne Belov’s Mehitabel passed away and Paul Curran’s teddy bears accompanied him to heaven. Poor Cody has to content herself with trying to entice the backyard squirrels and bunnies to play, and it’s not going well.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      They do take control of the keyboards when they can, but I don’t let them get on there very often. This is their second letter to Ani, but they don’t have any other “pen pals”. Idina and Fiyero also try to get the squirrels and rabbits to play, but for some reason none of the ones around here have taken the invitation either.

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