The Allure of… Idina Tries Her Paw at Poetry

Idina with the magic stick

My poor human father does not know the allure of manure…
Poor man, as far as I can tell
Has no sense of smell
That pitiful nose
Would miss a sewer
And never warn of foes
Or follow the yummiest lure.
From at least a mile away
I can smell
the smell
Of processed hay
He walks blindly past
My great equine repast
But tells me that it’s nast
And that I must fast…
Oh, silly man
Why won’t you eat
That horse given treat?!
And why must you ban
What I find beneath my feet?
A dog knows to get what they can
Even a petite bite of horse-butt-peat off a pile so neat
He yanks the leash
And pulls me away
But I will get some
On another day
I tell him and tell him but shouldn’t bother
For the allure
Of manure
Is quite beyond my father.


Idina for some reason thinks there is no better treat in the world than some horse poop out in a field.  I usually remember and keep her away from where I know there are piles, but she is tricky…  When I asked her about it today, the above poem was her reply….  (In the photo at the top of the page she has a stick in her mouth, not the dreaded other stuff….)


3 thoughts on “The Allure of… Idina Tries Her Paw at Poetry

  1. SHL2

    Love the pic and the poem. Beautiful dog. For some reason MOST dogs are attracted to poop of horses or cows I believe its the seed in the poop that makes them want to eat it lol. Lucky for me I can keep these two away from it.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks. Idina is a pretty girl. Of course we still have our brindle Boxer, Fiyero. The two of them are a great match a love to lay all day. I’m sure you are starting to get some of that. I hope your new one is bringing the pup back out in Daisy :) There are some farms with cows around here, but we don’t have to worry about that. People bring their horses right into the village, so…


      1. SHL2

        Daisy had not lost her puppy energy yet in fact shes got more energy than we do. She never liked being in the back yard alone. Zoee prefers being outside all day so shes breaking Daisy in gently. At night by 7:00 they are both passed out tired from running and playing tug of war and chase.

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