Return of Warmth – #tanka #haibun


I turn on the radio and a sappy song comes out, reminding us of the old sayings about the time of year being the time of love. I hum along, but I’m not convinced.  I think of you and the emotion gushes out.  No, it isn’t the new green leaves that do it, it is that special smile.

The voice purrs the song
The season of renewal
Our thoughts turn to love
My heart leaps, croons not for May
The well overflows for you


Yeah, it’s corny: I croon a tune about the moon in June and I’ll see you soon and wearing maroon and all of that sappy stuff that makes me sound like a loon (or perhaps the back end of a baboon….), but this is what came out when I went to write the haibun/tanka, so live with it ;)


Written for Colleen’s Poetry challenge.  Each week she gives us two keywords, only we must use synonyms only, not the words themselves.  This week  the key words were the poet’s (me ;) ) choice, so I chose “Spring” and “Sing” This week I decided to do a haibun with a tanka.

26 thoughts on “Return of Warmth – #tanka #haibun

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  2. Vashti Q

    Ha, ha! I love it, Trent! We are all corny at times and I live for those corny moments. Great Haibun/Tanka––so sweet and that funny, rhyming thing at the end is hilarious. <3 xo

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Good point, but in reality I like autumn best for everything, including romance. The crisp cool nights to get the blood flowing (and needing to be closer for warmth), the bright colors, not hot, humid or sticky. Just perfect.

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