Rift – #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

Jeg walked deeper into the woods.  His footsteps went almost at random for his mind was not on his path nor his surroundings.

It wasn’t just Dalph, though the rift that had sprung up between them bothered him. Just one misplaced word, one misinterpretation, and thousands of years of bad blood between his people, the Marishny, and hers, the Iniya, came bubbling to the surface.  They needed to work as one against their common enemy, and now a gaping chasm had opened up. The entire alliance was at risk.

Jeg walked on, head bowed.  He had long ago left familiar territory, but he didn’t notice.

Actually, it was Dalph.  The Iniya were so unapproachable.  They were breathtakingly beautiful, with a holy light always surrounding them.  There was something of the angelic with them for although they were as fallible as the Marishny, they could not knowingly do evil.  Jeg’s own people, though aspiring to good, seemed to fall into the pitfall of evil all too often.  The Iniya were slim and tall, a head taller than the average Marishny, and exceedingly strong. They could work minor magic.  No, not work magic, they were magic. The Marishny were closer to animals while the Iniya closer to the heavenly Atonee.

How had he dared fall in love with an Iniya?  And not just any Iniya, but a princess of their people, Dalph?  What had Dalph seen in him to return his love?

But then she had called him a monster, a Zerg, one of their common enemies.  Yes, it was during a heated argument and she did not really mean it.  He was being insensitive.  But a Zerg? He could not forgive that slight.

Jeg entered a clearing and sat on a great outcropping of bedrock.

Zergonmal the Evil One had gathered the Zerg in an effort to conquer the entire world and turn it to a mirror of his dark domain.  Some said he had his sights on Farnvor, the home of the divine Atonee, itself.

The armies of the Marishny had joined the Iniya in the battle for good, but there was friction.  His love affair with Dalph had smoothed it somewhat, had made the alliance work.  It was fragile and they were the only glue.

Until that misplaced word.

But now their personal split had gone public and the rift opened an even bigger gap between their peoples.

He frowned.  She had no right to make it public.  It was her fault and now all of their peoples were going to pay.  He could feel the flush in his face.  He was right.  He would not back down!

Thunder rose from the ground.  The land shook.  A crevasse opened just in front of Jeg. A blinding light sprang from the rift.

“Zergomal,” he said.  He jumped up and unsheathed his sword.

“No, not Zergomal,” a voice said.  “Look at me, Jeg of the Marishny.”

At first it was just pure light, but the light resolved itself.  A beautiful creature stood in front of him, even more full of light than the most beautiful of the Iniya. She, for it was a female, was three times Jeg’s height.  A crown of blue flames was on her head.


The queen of the Atonee nodded.

Jeg began to kneel.

“No, stand and face me. You, Jeg, must go back and fix the mess that is partially your creation.  The rift needs to be healed.  You are destined to love Dalph, but you have freewill to change it for good or for evil.  Now go back and know that you have the backing of the Atonee, even if we cannot make our voices heard. Our hope is with you…”

Jeg did a short bow and then walked away.  As he left the clearing he saw the Queen of the Atonee lift into the air, going faster and faster up, and the rift in the ground heal.

He knew it was his turn to go back and heal the rift between his people and the Iniya, between himself and Dalph.

The thought of the beautiful Iniya princess made his heart beat faster.  He smiled.  Yes, he was doing it for his people, he was doing it since the Queen of the Devine had ordered it, but he was doing it because that is where his heart led.  He had to fix it because he could not stand to be away from Dalph.  He would correct his misplaced pride and take the blame.  She would accept his apologies, he knew.

Jeg doubled his pace.


Written for Sue Vincent‘s #write photo prompt.  See this week’s prompt here.


In ways an experiment.  Let’s see how it turns out :)


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        1. trentpmcd Post author

          My motto with these things is “never say never”, so it is possible… Actually, if I do expand on it, I may use this as a basis and write something much larger and more in depth off line.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks. Sometimes I do get in a funk where ideas just don’t happen, so I am always thankful for when they are just popping. I just wish I had more time to sit and write it all out!

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