The Film, #haibun #etheree #doubleetheree

Through the portal

The Film

I look into a rose-tint fog and smile at the dancing shadows. A thin, transparent barrier divides me from this place.  I imagine that I step through this wall of celluloid and find you still there, just as you were.  I reach out, but grab only mist.  You aren’t really here, are you?  And neither am I, really.  Is it real, or was it at one time?  Perhaps that color I see has tainted all. The curtain comes down.

Can it be real?
Was it really me?
And was it really you?
In the movie, you loved me
Your eyes glistened in the close-up
The story unfolded on the screen
Your presence stole every scene you were in
That movie played out in a different world
I memorized the script and action
Or that is how it seemed
Was it a work of fiction
A script written by me
Played out in my mind?
Did you love me?
The past



In ways this is part 2 of last week’s poem.


Written for Colleen’s Poetry challenge.  Each week she gives us two keywords, only we must use synonyms only, not the words themselves.  This week  the key words were the poet’s (me ;) ) choice, so I chose “Film” (yes, the title) and “Remembered” This week I decided to do a haibun with a double etheree.

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