Decisions – #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

No map in hand
No lay of the land
The way forward is blocked

I thought I knew
How the future grew
The truth leaves me shocked

I can go right
No changes in sight
Into a future most locked

Or left for me
A path hard to see
In the fog it is socked

Easy, if plain
Or to rewards, with some pain
Either way seems pocked

So it is decision time
To go on without rhyme
To choose my path across the trackless sand


(Ha, I bet you thought I was going to end it with “clocked” or “mocked” or “flocked” or “knocked or…  but didn’t I say I was going forward without rhythm or rhyme? ;) (technically, “sand” rhymes with “hand” from the first line))


Written for Sue Vincent‘s #write photo prompt.  See this week’s prompt here.


Yes, a little different than my usual #writephoto post…

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