Doing the Time Warp?

Do we leave a trail
Through the time behind?
Is there a silver path
flowing back
A slug on the window
Of time?
Are there still shadows
Left in my wake
Dead leaves piled
In history?
Can I look back
See me displaced
Over and over
From now to my beginning?
Can I see your trail too?
Where the paths met
Are they still merged?
Is there a rift
Where they diverged?
Why did they split
Will they rejoin?
Do we leave a trail
To time ahead
Pushing out
Into the future?


In some ways this is part of the set with my recent poems The Film, Shadow Games and, to a lesser extent, The Poet.

13 thoughts on “Path

  1. Joanne Sisco

    I really love this, Trent. I can visualize it so well. I too have thought of the ‘contrails’ we leave behind us but I particularly liked the ending that suggests that there is also a shadow of a trail ahead of us into the future as well.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks, Joanne. I once read that since time is a dimension, if there is another dimension at a right angle to time, if we could travel a little way out in this direction, wouldn’t we see people as these elongated forms that go from cradle to grave? What it did say is if you could see that trail into the future….

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