Merla – The Mad Quest

Ah, Merla.  Lorounce hadn’t seen his childhood friend in some time, and once back in her presence, all he wanted to do was watch her graceful movements.  Of course he was just a simple farmer’s son and since she had moved to the nation’s capital she had attracted attention of men all of the way up to the top.  He knew better than to set his heart at such a lofty height.

Merla, for her part, still teased Lorounce at once mercilessly, but also kindly, the way she did when they were playmates and rivals. She acted like she wanted to be friends the way they were when they were 12.

But they were no longer 12.

Lorounce was always secretly in love with Merla, but as they grew towards adulthood, she seemed to have eyes only for the much older, more handsome, and stronger Thworn.  Thworn had become a soldier and had ended up as the Prince’s right hand man.

He was also the leader of the expedition to rescue the lost Prince.

Thworn wasn’t the smartest man in the Kingdom, but he was smart enough to bring Merla.

Besides being beautiful, Merla was strong and athletic.

But that isn’t why Thworn brought her.

He knew that she had the best vision of anyone in the Kingdom.  It was rumored that she could see an ant a kilometer away.

Lorounce was one of the few that understood that Merla’s excellent vision was not the greatest of her talents.  No, it wasn’t her sight, but her foresight and insight.  It was her sharp, deep intelligence.  She was by far the smartest person in the Kingdom and a natural leader.  She seemed to always have the right answer, no matter what.

One of Merla’s answers was to refuse to go on the quest unless the rescue party also included Lorounce.  He may have just been a farmer’s son, but he had the best hearing in the Kingdom.  He also had the best sense of smell.  She knew that these talents would be useful in the evil land of Slore.

So when Thworn sent Merla and Lorounce ahead as scouts, Lorounce was both ecstatic to be with his childhood friend and secret crush, but also a little apprehensive.  Another one of his talents was a dark pessimism, and that extended to his perception of his relationship with the beautiful, talented and hyper-intelligent Merla.

But as the quest expanded and became not only about saving the Kingdom, and perhaps the world, from Evil, it also became a quest of self-discovery for not just Lorounce but for Merla herself.

Would the adventure draw them together, or push them apart?  What about Merla’s discovery of her true heritage?

Everything, from rescuing the Prince, to confronting the dragon, to finding the magic sword to fighting the evil of Slore seemed completely mad to Lorounce, but his biggest challenge of “The Mad Quest” was his friend and companion, Merla.

“The Mad Quest” is one of the two novellas in my latest book, due to be released on the 21st of May.

What are the two novellas about?  Here is the blurb:

In what should have been a normal day, Brandon finds himself down the rabbit hole and into a new reality where he is captured by Dwarves, gets involved in “Elemental Politics” and finds himself in a race to save the worlds – yes worlds, six, perhaps seven – and the peoples of those worlds in the tongue-in-cheek Fantasy novella, “Towards the Light”.

Lorounce, a “not only is the glass half empty, but the longer we talk about it, the more that evaporates” kind of guy, is on a reconnaissance mission with his childhood friend and secret crush, Merla, to enter the stronghold of the evil Lord of Darkness.  The mission soon spins off on an adventure to try to rescue the prince, find and confront the dragon to secure the magic sword and then raise an army to defeat the evil one with said magic sword all while being chased not only by the minions of the evil one, including a pack of magical wolves, but their own people as well. Whew.  It is totally impossible, mad even, but with some unexpected help and a few twists along the way, maybe they could pull it off, this adventure called “The Mad Quest”.

“Towards the Light” and “The Mad Quest” are two fast paced, farcical Fantasy novellas.  With visible winks and nods to the great Fantasy works that came before, but with a few unexpected twists, these two stories are light-hearted valentines to those classic works of the past; love notes but with pokes in the ribs and “bunny-ears” behind the head fun.

Read about Brandon, the main character of “Towards the Light” here.

It’s almost here!  I have a proof copy in hand….

Preorder for Kindle!

Not only is the release date set, but preorder of the Kindle edition is also also available.  If you preorder, it should automatically download to your Kindle when available on the 21st of May.  Here are some links:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon Canada
Amazon France
Amazon Australia

If you don’t see your country’s Amazon, search for it or ask me and I’ll get a link.

9 thoughts on “Merla – The Mad Quest

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! I know they say to get a professional to do your covers, but I like how this came out. The slightly cartoonish vibe fits the two stories very well.

      I do need to read Eragon someday – I have read both good and bad things about it. I have not read much recent “high fantasy”, though I do read contemporary and urban fantasy. Of course I grew up on all of the classic fantasy! I think most “high fantasy” these days is more YA (like Eragon) and I don’t read as much YA as books aimed more at adults.

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