Start A Journey

This is a day early, but I may not get a chance tomorrow… This post from the 21st of February, 2014, was one of the first posts on my blog and one that I have reblogged in the past, but it seems a little more pertinent today….


Small Step

Take a single step
Like Neil up there on the Moon
No start, no success


I resolve to quit procrastinating and take action! I start tomorrow….

See rest of the original post here


Yeah, that moon was hand drawn :)

4 thoughts on “Start A Journey

  1. What Words May Come

    We live in West Lafayette, Indiana, and this is where most the astronauts attended college (Purdue University). You can imagine what big deal this is for the school and the area. My wife and I are going to go over to the school this evening and tour some of the historical items and articles. It should be fun! Cheers!

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