Your Spell on Me #Haibun #tanka #doubletanka

woman portrait

I feel the power, like a sun behind me.  A vision flashes through my mind. Is it a knife coming down like Hitchcock’s Psycho? Perhaps a Stephan King skeletal hand will grab my ankle.  I whip around, ready to face anything, anything, but what is really there. I meet your gaze and all is lost.

I step in your trap
That is found behind your eyes
Your bewitching stare
The magic spell that you cast
Makes me rise above the Earth

Is it just your charm?
Perhaps a deeper power
Enthralled by the glance
A thought and I glide above
Your eyes making my heart soar

Lost, but found, captivated by your spell, I am launched into your orbit.


OK, sappy ;) Love: Is it power for good or evil ;)

Written for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge.  Colleen gives two key words that we must use, only we are restricted to synonyms.  This week the words were Enchant and Fly.  So I was a little ambitious and wrote a haibun with a tanka, well, actually a double tanka as the poem.

Again I decided to use one of my drawings.  I chose the drawing after seeing the key words but before writing the poem or thinking about synonyms. All that was based on the image.

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