Murmur #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

The people murmured as a new star appeared in the daylight sky. It grew brighter and larger. And grew. And grew.

Not a star, but a gargantuan ship from a people far away.

An alien invasion!

The monstrous craft descended, slowly growing larger, filling the sky. Lightning bolts of energy crackled from the underside, destroying all below. The sky glowed red and orange as the cities turned to a burning plasma!


Clip of Photo by Sue Vincent

Thousands and millions of aliens were released, filling the air, twirling and swirling in their search for human flesh! They would gorge on the poor peoples of the puny planet, a feast for the famished. They spread out across the Earth, killing all who…

“Whatcha doin’?”

Marv jumped. He hadn’t heard Sophie approach.

“Nuttin. Watchin’ the sunset. See that flock of birds?”


“What? Am I speaking too loud for ya?”

“Those are starlings. It’s a murmuration, a murmur, not a flock. Dummy.”




The aliens had a new mission. They weren’t sent to destroy all human life on Earth, they were only sent to destroy the annoying beings called “Gurlz”. The death beams pelted down, but only took out some of the humans, not all.

Marv smiled as the sky continued to darken.


Written for Sue Vincent‘s #writephoto challenge.  This weeks challenge, “murmur”, is here.

40 thoughts on “Murmur #writephoto

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      lol, it is possible, but for the moment hiss annoyance that someone with two x chromosomes is smarter than him makes the revenge fantasies a little more comforting than something like the fantasies he’ll have as a teen ;) (And I’m being Rated-PG here in fantasies, i.e. that Sophie will go out on a date with him ;) )

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              1. Prior...

                You described it so well.
                And in early 90s I think of a job I had and there were a few Calvin and Hobbes fans there – and even tho still active (I think) the comics felt a bit old at that time….
                Either way – classic and timeless themes

                And makes me remember getting those Sunday comics or even finding a few black and white comics in the daily – something many younger folks know nothing about –
                But I guess older people thought that of our generation in the 80s
                “The will never know what is like to gather ’round the radio and hear a live show”

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                1. trentpmcd Post author

                  Watching old TV shows and such, it is amazing how well C & H has aged compared to other “cultural artifacts” of the late 80s and early 90s. Newspapers do still exist and carry comics and you can find comics on line, but, you’re right, for the most part it isn’t the same. On the other hand, the growth of comic inspired work, like graphic novels and deeper “comics” is amazing, though there is still too much emphasis on superheros. Oh well, yes, “when we were young…” lol, every generation does have their own thing that they miss.

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