The Elements – Towards the Light

What are the Elements? Brandon would start by saying Earth, Wind and Fire, then try to explain that he was really talking about the R&B band. After that bad joke, he might just bring out Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Right, four elements: earth, water, air and fire.

But what if I told you that there were a perfect Seven Elements?  Yes, Seven, a perfect number! Well, there were, but no more, for one of the elements was lost, thus throwing Equilibrium out of balance. Ever wonder why things seemed so out of whack? Now you know.

Digging deeper, what if each Element was represented by a world and a race?  Earth would be humans, of course.  Quite opposite would be the air fairies. Most similar to humans would be the graceful, sensual elves, or dwarves (depending on culture) representing water. What would be opposite the elves but most similar to the air fairies? Perhaps the fire demons?  And where do the wizards fit? And what about those other elements?

After his fall down the rabbit hole into the world of the dwarves, Brandon finds himself embroiled in Elemental Politics looking for the answers to these questions and more. Will he lose his bad puns about forgotten popular culture, find the answers to the Big Questions or perhaps both as he tries to stop the evil Glumoric?  Find out by reading the face paced, tongue in cheek fantasy Towards the Light!


In what should have been a normal day, Brandon finds himself down the rabbit hole and into a new reality where he is captured by Dwarves, gets involved in “Elemental Politics” and finds himself in a race to save the worlds – yes worlds, six, perhaps seven – and the peoples of those worlds in the tongue-in-cheek Fantasy novella, “Towards the Light”.

Lorounce, a “not only is the glass half empty, but the longer we talk about it, the more that evaporates” kind of guy, is on a reconnaissance mission with his childhood friend and secret crush, Merla, to enter the stronghold of the evil Lord of Darkness. The mission soon spins off on an adventure to try to rescue the prince, find and confront the dragon to secure the magic sword and then raise an army to defeat the evil one with said magic sword all while being chased not only by the minions of the evil one, including a pack of magical wolves, but their own people as well. Whew. It is totally impossible, mad even, but with some unexpected help and a few twists along the way, maybe they could pull it off, this adventure called “The Mad Quest”.

“Towards the Light” and “The Mad Quest” are two fast paced, farcical Fantasy novellas. With visible winks and nods to the great Fantasy works that came before, but with a few unexpected twists, these two stories are light-hearted valentines to those classic works of the past; love notes but with pokes in the ribs and “bunny-ears” behind the head fun.


The book is now Available on Amazon!



If you don’t see your country’s Amazon, search for it or ask me and I’ll get a link.

22 thoughts on “The Elements – Towards the Light

  1. Pingback: Trent P. McDonald : The Elements – Towards the Light | Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

        1. trentpmcd Post author

          I am awful at self promotion, so every now and again I do one of these posts. :) In the last few weeks I’ve decided to do them a little more often. Not every week, but occasionally, and like this, introducing a character or a concept.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Oh, I meant to add – both of the novellas in this were written 100% to Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompts. At least the first draft – I think I ended up with six drafts for each and about 35K words each.

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