Guest author: Trent P. McDonald ~ The Mad Quest in Fiction

I was a guest blogger over on Sue Vincent’s blog yesterday talking about quests and inner journeys. Check it out!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Our way forward could only be half guessed across the almost vertical gash of loose dirt and stone, the aftereffects of a major landslide. The slide had erased what little path there had been and I couldn’t see a safe way across. Just a little way down the slide path from us, the loose stone stopped and the open air began. I sniffed the wind.

“What do you think?” Merla asked.

“I don’t smell or hear anything. What do you see?”

“The path is totally gone, but I can see a way across, not easy, but doable. Let’s go. But, please, be careful!”

Merla picked her way first. I followed close behind, trying to place my feet exactly where hers had been, knowing she had a sense of the path that I couldn’t match. It wasn’t easy and, with the sun beating down on me, I began to…

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