Photos of Maine Over Thanksgiving

Mt. Katahdin

I used to do a photo post at least once a month.  I have done very few this year… I was taking a lot of pictures, but they were “rotting” on my computer, not even a glance of regret.  And then I stopped taking them altogether.  Why bother?  So I took a lot of photos in Maine, mostly of my dogs ;)


There is a great view out of my in-laws window and I took quite a few photos from there, seeing all types of light.

Out of the window 5

And dog play, of course.

Dog Play 4

First the stare down.

dog play 3

Then the attack – only one of eight paws is touching the ground ;)

Anyway, there are a lot, but I hope you enjoy. As always, click on a photo for more detail.  This also brings up a slideshow type interface.

25 thoughts on “Photos of Maine Over Thanksgiving

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks. I go back and forth – most of the times I walk the dogs or play with them, I don’t have a camera or even my phone, so I don’t get a lot of photos. Most of my photos end up when I go someplace specifically for photos, like hiking or birding. But when I do have the camera around the dogs, I take tons of photos!

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  2. dprastka

    AWE 😍 Love your pup’s!! They are BEAUTIFUL and sooo playful! Love the attack photo, only one paw on the ground! Lol 😀 I scrolled through them all, so pretty where you live and I so ENJOYED them! Thank you for sharing!! 😃😉

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! They are great pups and so super playful! This is actually a 6 hour drive northeast of where I live, up in northern Maine, and it is beautiful! Of course, New Hampshire is pretty as well ;)

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