The Gift #tanka

Dark presents

Rattle, roll and sway
I have gifts to grant away
Are you good or naught?
You push as far as you can
To figure out what I bought

What’s the sound it makes
Will it tinkle when it breaks?
Careful how you swing
Is it better to present
Or does ”getting” make you sing?


This was written for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge.  This week the words were Give and Shake, but only synonyms are allowed.  I did a couple of rhyming “tankas”, sort of, almost ;)

17 thoughts on “The Gift #tanka

      1. Prior...

        Yeah / and I’d say a sign of excellence and superb growth is
        When the gift of giving is realized and appreciated for what it does for the giver .
        And gifts given – well hate when they come with conditions – when the in-laws helped us with first house purchase it was always with the condition hubs could not buy a motorcycle – they helped us with lawyer costs (visitation for stepdaughter) but then we’re the ex have our xmas and the MIL withheld the last check – So…. all that to say hate gifts with conditions and will never do that to our kids – and my parents never had conditions – and that lawyer cost incident was the last time we opened ourselves up for that – and was partly because they insisted we get a lawyer they wanted – so our current (bad) lawyer was 85$ and hour (going back to 96) and the one they wanted us to get was 200$ – so they said they’d help – but later we saw the game playing – and no mas

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        1. trentpmcd Post author

          Strings attached is always bad, and they’ll help with something that is 2 1/2 times as much? No thanks…. The gift of giving helps the giver the most when no strings or conditions are attached…

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          1. Prior...

            well they offered to pay half of the costs if hired the new one – and in hind sight we would still do it again – but when we gave our x “our” christmases (so petty but our ex and the MIL are huge christmas people and it was my bad for not thinking of my MIL and how she wanted Xmas with her grand baby and other family – but we would still do it again because at the time we thought it would be better for the daughter to be there consistently for the holidays – our call – and so she withheld the last check from us – but did it game playing – and the good news is the MIL has grown a lot – but I digress)
            and I agree – no string attached or not thanks

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