My Name is Albert #Senryu

Albert Tree

I am here, right now
lying serene, under tree
A gift to the world

(Note – “I” = “Albert”, the cat, snuggled under the Christmas tree ;) )


This was written for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge.  This week’s words were “calm” and “present”, though only synonyms could be used.  I chose a senryu (I hope ;) )

17 thoughts on “My Name is Albert #Senryu

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        1. trentpmcd Post author

          He does rule the other cats, to some degree. The dogs? Maybe ;) One thing is that the others are 4-legged, but Albert is 3, so he had to learn to not get along with the dogs since he can’t escape them. Him and Fiyero, the boxer, are buds, being the only 2 non-human males in the house ;)

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