Entrance – #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

“No, really, it’s just a hole in the ground.”

I laughed.  “Don’t worry, when I was your age, my place was a pretty nasty hole.  Being a straight guy, I bet it was much worse than yours.”

Meghan smiled, an enduring look from under her eyelashes, as if she couldn’t decide if she were more embarrassed about the situation or excited.

“OK,” she said.  “But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

I lead her to my car and wondered about my situation.

I was not a great socializer; far from it.  In fact, I hadn’t been out with a woman since the divorce.

But it wasn’t just that.

It was Meghan’s age.

I know the way of the world.  I’m a 50-something year old guy.  20-something women don’t want anything to do with us.  If I tried to flirt with one, at best they’d think I was a creepy old guy, at worse a predator.

We had made eye contact as I entered the room.  It was just for an instance, but I felt an electric shock run the entire course of my body.  Maybe at that distance she didn’t know I was closer to retirement than to college.

A little while later I was standing in line and turned to find her right behind me. As soon as she saw my face, her eyes lit up.  She smiled and said “hi!”.

I have to say, a half of an hour later, watching her as she talked about nothing, I was completely entranced.  “She put a spell on me,” a voice sang at the back of my mind. There was something about her that just drew me in.

“I wish this could last forever,” I said as we left the building together.

“Maybe it can.”  She took my hand and smiled that half shy, half tiger smile of hers.  “Let’s at least spend a bit more time tonight together.”

“But I’m in a hotel tonight.  My room is tiny.  I can’t bring you back there.  It’s…” I stopped, embarrassed.  The room just had a dresser and a bed; not too subtle.

“I guess we can go to my place, but it’s a hole in the ground.”

I smiled, relieved.

And that is how we ended up driving into the country.

It was a longer drive than I expected, but not unpleasant.  She was great company! I had mentioned the age difference once, and she just told me that she didn’t mind if I didn’t.

“OK, pull in there,” she said.

I hadn’t seen a building in ages when I pulled off of the little back road into the parking area.

We got out of the car and she took my hand and led me up a path.  There wasn’t a building in sight. I was a bit confused, but my excitement was rising.  She was completely enchanting and, as I said, I felt giddy every time I looked into her marvelous eyes, completely entranced.

We hadn’t been walking far before I noticed that natural rock walls grew up on either side of our path. And then we ran into a wall in the hillside.  I could make out a darker area.

“This is the entrance to my home,” Meghan said.

I couldn’t see her well in the dark, but I could see the sparkle in her eyes.  I nodded.

Leading me by the hand she led me into her literal hole in the ground.

I was bind for a moment, but then noticed the light increase as we moved forward.

We entered a large glowing chamber, all dressed in crystal. I stopped and stared, amazed at the beauty, more than a little dazzled.

Meghan put her arms around me and brushed her lips against mine.

“Are you sure you don’t mind the age difference?” She whispered the question in my ear.

“Not at all.” I moved my hands around her and caressed her back, slowly moving my hands downward.

“Good,” she said.  “Let’s go to my room, where it is more comfortable.”

She slid out of my arms and took my hand again, leading me towards a door in the wall.

She opened the door and turned towards me.

“Being a few thousand years old has its drawbacks….”

I looked through the entrance into her lair and saw the bodies.

My scream was cut short.

“Now I eat,” was the last thing I heard her say.


This was written for Sue Vincent’s writephoto challenge.  The photo at the top was provided by Sue, as was the key word, Entrance.

40 thoughts on “Entrance – #writephoto

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      When they say “she’s a man eater”, with this woman , it is quite literal… (I left the possibility of her being a vampire open as well, though I was thinking more of a human-spider.) Thanks!

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks, Sue. I had planned the twist, but I’m not sure at what point she went from being a 3000 year old benevolent creature to being a bit more predatory….


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Funny, I was looking at this post and found a comment that I missed. WP notifies me, but I missed this one. Nope, not a hobbit ;) (Not that you would remember after 2 months what I am talking about…)


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      It is possible you were 100% right – I left it to your imagination what she really was, but near then end as she tempted him into “her lair”, I was thinking a spider and a fly….

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