Still #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

Edward walked into the garden. He sniffed the air and frowned.

It was a normal early spring day.  The grass had completed that shift from dead brown to lively green and the first buds were on the point of bursting into leaf.

But still…

The war was finally over.  The soldiers had stood down, and she had made a peace offering.  He had accepted.

But still…

Not a ripple troubled the water of the mill pond.  The gentle sound of grazing sheep was almost enough to lull him into a nap.

But still…

The sun warmed the land as laborers repaired the fruits of the destructive winter war.

But still…

A black cloud reared up in the north.  The world held its breath, then let it out in a shrieking gust. It grew cold.  Flakes of snow filled the air.


Edward turned.

“Ten Thousand misty riders are embedded in that blizzard, swooping down on your kingdom, killing all who stand against them.”

Edward smiled.

“Prepare the army!  Get my armor and horse! We ride in 20 minutes!”

Much better…


Written for Sue Vincent’s WritePhoto Challenge.  She provided the peaceful photo at the top of the page and a key word, “Still“.

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