The Weekly Smile Recap 3/16 – 3/22/2020


Hi all!  We all need some smiles, don’t we?  Particularly at this time of social distancing a toilet paper hording.  No toilet paper here, but perhaps there are plenty of smiles ;)  Take a look!

Trent’s World
Natalie the Explorer
Poetry, Short Prose and Walking
Gary A Wilson’s Stories in a Dime of Time
Change is Hard

We will continue to bring you even more smiles….  In fact, I plan on posting this week’s smile post in about an hour.  :)

What made you smile?

6 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile Recap 3/16 – 3/22/2020

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      lol, I guess it does look like a schedule for a dental appointment :D And, yes, my next dental appointment was cancelled. Thanks, you too: stay well :)


  1. joylennick

    Thank you.It’s an apt time for jokes and smiles…Fortunately I have a ‘humouress’ husband…
    One tale he likes to tell now and then. “When I was a young man, we had a fairly large aquarium in our lounge, in which I kept some eels. Most of the time, they would lie quite still at the bottom of the tank. Then one day, on putting on a record, I noticed those once still creatures writhing around. I soon realized the eels were alive to the sound of music,, Ouch Cheers..

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