The Weekly Smile Recap 3/23 – 3/29/2020


I think we need our smiles right now more than ever, and if you feel the same, you have come to the right place ;)  Last week a lot of great smiles came in.  Why don’t you click on some of the links below and see for yourself?

Trent’s World
Poetry, Short Prose and Walking
Natalie the Explorer
Ruth Scribbles
that little voice
A Day in the Life
Ruth Blogs Here
Picture Retirement
Change is Hard
Does Writing Excuse Watching?

See?  Quite a few great smiles!  As to this week’s smiles, well, I hope to have a new post up in about an hour.

What made you smile?

5 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile Recap 3/23 – 3/29/2020

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