Together #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

The water was smooth, tranquil, barely a ripple.  It was as if the mighty ocean had turned to glass.

Michael smiled at the quiet irony.

It had been a turbulent few days.  Wave after wave after wave had thrashed at them, ever since the news had broken. Chaos reigned supreme.

Funny that the sea was so still.

He felt the familiar, warm squeeze on his hand and squeezed back. Margret was looking off into the distance, but he knew her thoughts mirrored his, as the still waters mirrored the placid sky.

After all of these years, they almost thought as one.

It was good that they could be together.  Fitting.

He drew a little closer and could feel her smile more than see it.

The sky darkened with the setting sun.  It would soon be time.

Another warm squeeze of his hand.

“At least we are together…,” Margret said, her voice quiet, wistful.

As if on cue, following her words, the sky grew brighter than noon as the 50 km wide asteroid ripped through the atmosphere plunging towards the waiting ocean.


Hehehe.  Everythign I have been writing lately has been just goodness and light, so I needed to get some dark thoughts out there ;)


This was written for Sue Vincent’s weekly writephoto prompt.  The lovely photo at the top is one of hers. She also provided the key word, “Together”.

21 thoughts on “Together #writephoto

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Not the worst way. It will all be over in just a moment…. And they’ll face that next wave together, even if the wave is 2000 meters tall…



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