The Weekly Smile for 4/6/2020 #weeklysmile


I like watching and photographing birds of prey.  My favorites are the osprey.  I see a lot of them on Cape Cod, but I never tire of them.  They are around for about six months of the year, so it has been a while since I have seen any.

Until Saturday.

I saw a couple while walking the dogs, so later I went out, camera in hand, to my favorite osprey “hunting” ground, sans dogs.  See them, I did.  At one time I saw perhaps 25!  It is possible a few seagulls were mixed in, but still… wow! I have never seen that many at once.

The day was awful for photography.  The herring have not begun to run yet, so I didn’t see any catch fish, or even dive at all, but it was still great to see them.  Here is a photo from Saturday:

Osprey Hunting

And here is another:

Osprey watching

That is my smile for this week, the return of the osprey :)

What made you smile?


Come on, I’m sure you smiled at least once last week.  Why don’t you share it?  I hope you can join in!

Here is list of “rules” and guiding ideas.  If you don’t have time to read it right now, just remember that this is an exercise to spread positivity.  Don’t smile about the misfortune of others.  Don’t smile in a way to excludes others.  Make sure a 12 year old can read it.

And remember, the Smile can be anything, large or small.  Nothing, nothing at all is too small for a Smile!  Sometimes taking time to notice those small, every day smiles is more important than those once in a lifetime huge ones :)

To join in, write a post to share your smile and then leave a comment on this post with a link to your smile.  Or, if you prefer, do a pingback to this post (pingback = have a link from your post to this one) (Note – pingbacks have been very inconsistent – please leave a comment :) ).   You can post any time until next Sunday evening (to be simple, I will say midnight GMT, which is 7 PM Sunday for me).   Next week I will compile all of the Smiles and do a separate post of them on Monday morning just before the smile.  (I will shoot for around 7 AM EST).

Try to use the hashtag #WeeklySmile when you use Twitter or other social media that uses hashtags. I searched Twitter and found that #weeklysmile had been used only a handful of times back in 2012 and 2013. It hasn’t been used since. So it’s ours! I also registered it on Twubs.

You can use the graphic at the top. It is the official graphic for the event.

Now go out there and find something to smile about! :)

39 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile for 4/6/2020 #weeklysmile

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks. One good thing about big birds of prey is that they soar, which means they are much easier to photograph in flight. Still, I am always happy when I get a good shot :)

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I do feel lucky living in this area – very close to the forests and mountains on one hand and close tot the ocean on the other – best of both worlds. I also love living in a part of the world where I can get outside and move about and stay far away from other people when we are having semi-lock-down/self-isolating conditions.

      The homemade yogurt bread sounds delicious, and I’m sure the homemade yogurt is good too.

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  10. dawnkinster

    I bet that DID make you smile…would have made me grin too. My brother lives on a lake in Alabama. He has a big power line tower out near the water, on an easement next to his property. The osprey have, for years, tried to build a nest on that tower. They bring in big sticks and try to get the sticks to stay on the metal of the tower. Sometimes they’ll get a few sticks to stay and then a wind comes along and they fall. Mostly the sticks they bring fall as they’re building the nest and you hear them clanging their way down as they fall. 2 years ago the birds actually succeeded and had a nest up there, complete with a baby or two. That was so exciting. I don’t know if they’ll be there this year, but they sure are fun to watch. We’ve watched them catch fish in the lake and fly, sometimes with great effort, to take that fish up to the nest. It’s kind of amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Ospreys are so cool. I hope the nest near your brother’s house is a success again this year. There are a couple of nests that I know where I can get close enough to photograph the chicks when they are big enough to stand up. It is amazing what they do, and always fun to watch.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Oh, and a quick btw, I grew up by Lake Erie, so understand the gulls and ducks around a Great Lake. In recent years, eagles have returned to the area where my parents live – the fish in the shallows around the lake.

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