Country Dance – Music Video


Years ago I followed a music forum.  One thing we did was a “Composition Challenge“.  The winner of the last challenge would present a theme and people would create a composition based on that theme.  Most of the themes had been difficult and produced more “modern” music, but the winner of Challenge 13 put up a very simple phrase.

OK, I decided to play a bit of a joke.  I wrote a ground bass or passacaglia (think Pachelbel’s (misnamed) Canon in D minor) done with strings in 4-4 time, a Sousa style march done in brass and percussion – in “cut time” and a simple country dance (almost waltz) done with a small woodwind ensemble (I think flute, clarinet, english horn and bassoon) in 3-4 time.  I then had them all playing simultaneously but ending together on a huge C major chord.

The joke half backfired mostly because I ended up entering the individual components as well as the finished parts – stupid me – and people really liked the country dance.

Here it is:
(Click here if you do not see the video below)

This was recorded/rendered using GPO, Garritan Personal Orchestra.  Pretty much nay of my more classic/non-electronic pieces are recorded with GPO.  I have also posted other challenges, like Challenge 13.

Oh, here is the passacaglia for Challenge 14.  Doubt if I will ever do a video, but, who knows?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the music!

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