WINNER of the Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest 5/1/2020

Some say I’m good for nothing, but I guess I’m good for something, for I won the very last Terrible Poetry Contest! Go check out the other entries, some were real stinkers, and I’m not just talking about those with bad breath or bodily functions! ;)

Chel Owens

At long last, we long for the last winner of the Terrible Poetry Contest.

That winner is:

In the Can

by Trent McDonald

Parting is such sweet sorrow
I wished to keep you
Till the morrow
But I ate what you held
My hunger
Now is quelled
So you have no use
And I dare not set
You loose
For you’ll end up in a tree
Or worse yet
In the sea
You might kill a turtle or a fish
Or bird might think
You’re a tasty dish
I will mourn you gone, it’s true
I really, really
Really wanted to keep you
But the problem is, by far
I ate your innards
The candy bar
And since your fabric I tore
(My self-restraint went out the door)
I have no use for you
Any more


Congratulations, Trent! You are the most terrible poet of the week!


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8 thoughts on “WINNER of the Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest 5/1/2020

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! Yes, I had to do that little Earth-friendly digression :) The digression is both what helps make it “good” (such as it is) and “terrible”….



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