Fibbing Friday (October 9)

I have never done the Fibbing Friday before, but as I read the questions on Di’s blog, Pensitivity 101, the answers sprung to mind and I had to play along!

The idea is to give false answers, even if you know the truth. You can be subtle or outrageous or whatever. If you really don’t know and guess it right? Oh well, nobody will every know ;)

So here goes:

1 What tax did Henry VIII introduce in 1535? – A Head Tax – you pay it, or he takes it… your head, that is.

2 Who entered a contest for his own lookalike, and came third? – Elvis.  Now, I’ve seen some Elvis impersonators that look more like Elvis than Elvis ever did, so it is a natural.

3 What sort of creature is a mountain chicken? – Not so much “creature” but a “part”.  Have you ever heard of “mountain oysters”?  Yeah.  Everything that is disgusting “tastes like chicken”, so, uhm, given those two hints, go ahead and guess…

4 In which city is the UK’s Dyslexia Research Trust based? – Nodnol

5 What is Scooby Doo’s full name? Scooby Delano Doo, the Third.

6 What is a zeedonk? !!!!! Are you kidding!  This is a family blog!  (See “Mountain Chicken” above!)

7 Coprastastaphobia is the fear of what? (and no, I can’t pronounce it) – The fear of having a police officer sing “O Sole Mio” while stuffing you in a very confined space.

8 What is an orange pippin? – So, Willy Wanka visited Middle Earth and bad things happened.  The Hobbits?  No Oompa Lumpas.  So there is an orange Frodo, and orange Sam, an orange Merry and an orange Pippin.

9 What is a Royal Flush? – I’m going to keep my poker face and play my cards close to my chest, and… well, if the moat water gets stale, you need to divert the river in and push that nasty water out, replacing it with fresh.

10 Who is currently 15th in line to the British Throne? – Ringo Starr

Did you enjoy?

14 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday (October 9)

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Very tough… Are you asking about the photo? That was taken just before my first haircut of the year of Covid. I thought it was very appropriate for Fibbing ;)



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