Untrodden #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

A world of white, featureless under new-fallen snow. Untrodden.

I look back.

My tracks stretch behind me.  The nearest are crisp and clear, cut as if with a knife, but they become indistinct as they disappear into the distance.  I know the path back.  Or at least I think I do.

But it is the way forward, through that untrodden snow, that is full of intrigue.

It looks so simple from here, but I know once I start ahead it will change in ways I can’t currently comprehend.

What views will open up, a reward for my patience?  What holes are hidden by the deceptively beautiful snow?  Where does the path end?

I see many ways in my mind, but I know that the real path will be beyond my imagination.

I march forward.

Across the untrodden snow into the blankness ahead.


This was a new post written for an old #writephoto challenge by Sue Vincent. Her original challenge was on November 29, 2018. My original post was a chapter in my “Of Wind and Wings” serial story. This bit of silly philosophy is my current response to the photo by Sue at the top.

19 thoughts on “Untrodden #writephoto

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      We had some icy snow here, not good for dog play, but it has been frigid since then. I hope Ani gets her snow to play in! (Fiyero and Idina have been remiss in writing to Ani! I hope to persuade them to put paw to paper some time soon…)



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