Ani’s Advent 2020! Fiyero, Idina and Trent P. McDonald

Fiyero and Idina have been over to Sue Vincent’s place to visit with her small dog, Ani. Go check it out over at Ani’s blog!

The Small Dog

Dear Santa, she is way behind!

I’ve seen no Christmas shopping, but I think she’s gearing up for Christmas… getting in the festive spirit or something. The bags under her eyes would do as overflow sacks for Santa and Rudolph will be out of a job if her face gets any redder. She’s quiet at present… apart from the constant barking. I think you two-legs call it snoring…

Let’s just say that her ‘ho, ho, ho’ has been more of a ‘oh, oh, ergh…’ and that’s without the other strange noises she’s been making. Though the less said about those the better…

But she promises the tree will go up and there will be things underneath it after you have been. She says I’ve been a good girl…without me even asking her for a recommendation… ’cause I’ve been looking after her and keeping her feet warm.

Merchandise ~

Well, what else can…

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