Return #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

It’s getting cold, very cold.

I look up at the dark ridge where I last saw him silhouetted against the sinking sun.

It continues to scream its emptiness.

I had always heard that he was the type to hold a grudge, so was a little surprised when he called me. After a nice, amicable chat we decided to go hiking in the mountains.  We both loved getting out into the fresh air, though I had to admit that he was a better, stronger hiker.

He drove us out into deep wilderness.  Perfect.  We didn’t see a person all day.

I have no idea what happened.  The day had been long and I was very tired.  Making mistakes. Having a hard time with footing.

We were walking along a narrow ridge, hopefully getting close to the car to return home. He was beside me, which was comforting. Yes, it was narrow, but the feel of this strong hiker was warm and reassuring.  And then…

When I came to, I could see him at the top.  I worked hard to lift an arm in a wave.  Did he see me? 

He turned and was gone.

I dropped the arm.

He’d gone to get help, I’m sure.

But where is he?  Why doesn’t he return with that help?

The sun is long gone.  There are sounds in the night.

It’s getting cold, very cold.

And I still wait, wait for his return.


The “he” in the story may never return, but Sue has! The writephoto challenge is back, at least for now. The photo at the top was provided by Sue Vincent, whose challenge, Return, can be found here.

19 thoughts on “Return #writephoto

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  2. Sandi

    I can only imagine how an individual would feel – waiting for help. You hear of these news reports where people fall hiking all the time, and they have to wait for help. Scary stuff.

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