Lyndsey Wallace – The Old Mill

Lyndsey Wallace is living the dream.  She love, loves her job and is zipping her way up the org chart like nobody’s business.  She gets up every morning raring and restless to get started and yet looks forward to when she might achieve her true dream, being the head of research.  And that goal now seems within her reach.  Only…


She isn’t sure what’s wrong.

It has to be the move.  The move is frazzling everyone’s nerves. Ripping everything down and rebuilding it.  Reworking every process imaginable.  Ugh.  Her last few weeks have been a nightmare!

Yes, yes, she always loves the challenge.  The sense of accomplishment when she solves the impossible, well, there is nothing quite like it, is there? And there is that energy she gets from doing it all, slaying one daunting task after another.

In many ways, the move has been a test, and she has been acing every problem. She felt fantastic.

Maybe it’s not the move.

Perhaps it is her biological clock ticking…

No, no, the only deadline out there is the move, not biological!  She didn’t have time for that type of clock.  She had tried to be domestic once, and swore never again.  As to a knight in shining armor bit, well, she is in the business of rescuing other folk and could take care of any dragon out there herself, thank you very much, so no knight need apply.

OK, ok, that big four-oh seems to be staring her in the face, and has she done anything in her life besides work? Anything at all?  Is that the meaning of life?  Does it all come down to what happens during those times on the clock?  Is her own time just to recoup her energy for what’s important? Work? Is that all she is, a worker bee?  A drone?

A robot?

Like clockwork, Jess is calling.  She always knows, down to the nanosecond, doesn’t she?  But how?

Perhaps Jess is right.  Perhaps a weekend in New Hampshire would be just the thing, some fresh mountain air to clear her mind.  A talk with her dad to get perspective. It most likely is just the stress, and little relieves stress better than being in Avebury, being home. Home.

If only Jess didn’t have to go on and on about Gill Baxter.


Lyndsey is one of the main characters in The Old Mill. In the next few days I will be posting some more. So far we have:

Gill Baxter.
Jessica Franks
Martha Goode


The Old Mill is now released!




If you don’t see your country’s Amazon listed, you can try a search. It might be available in other online books stores as well – search on your favorite book site.

If you pick it up, I hope you enjoy!


A stench lies on Avebury, New Hampshire. It isn’t something that one can smell, it is more of a psychic soot polluting everybody’s mood. No one recalls when it arrived, but there does seem to be a connection with the Old Mill and its mysterious new owners.


Following the trail of the local legend, the ghost of Martha Goode, Gill Baxter is driven to discover the truth behind the events of 1821 and, hopefully, prevent another “time of dying.” That trail, though, leads directly to The Old Mill.


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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks, Resa! Yes, I did the drawings, though, except for the one for Gill (I’m not sure if you saw that one), I picked them out of old sketch pads. I did the “colorizing” this week for these (written) character sketches.

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