Galvin – The Old Mill

Galvin is… Well, Galvin is Galvin.  There is no better way to describe him than that.  Some would say he is “a character” or “a bit of local color”.   Others might shake their head and mumble “eccentric” or “oddball” while still others would say “every town has their Galvin.”  Gill isn’t so sure – he has never met anybody quite like the strange, little old man. 

Strange, of course, is a matter of opinion, but “little” fits to some extent.  Galvin is small and wiry, perhaps 5 foot 6 and 115 pounds, maybe less, but surprisingly strong.  In ways, “old” is more attitude than age.  Galvin is in his mid-60s, but has always tried to put himself up as older and more experienced.  And there is something about him that if you didn’t know, you might place him closer to 80 than 60.  Yet he is active and agile, spry as a 22-year-old.

Galvin loves to tell tall tales and can spin quite a yarn.  On the other hand, doing a little research you might find that some of his most outrageous claims about the town’s history are true.

This most contradictory of men spent the bulk of his adult life working for Martha Goode; the Second Martha, of course.  When she was still alive, he had a cubby down in the old mill and did all sorts of odd jobs for her, from delivery boy, to serious carpentry, to sweeping and mopping, to make-shift plumbing.  This high visibility through Martha ensured everyone knew him, even if he wasn’t such a regular at Strickland’s and Maude’s.

What is Gill to make of all of Galvin’s talk about Avebury entering another “time of dying, like what happened in 1821”?  And what did happen in 1821?  Is this just another of Galvin’s tall tales, or is there some truth to his words?


Galvin is one of the characters in The Old Mill. A few other character sketches have been posted:

Gill Baxter
Lyndsey Wallace
Jessica Franks
Martha Goode


The Old Mill is now released!




If you don’t see your country’s Amazon listed, you can try a search. It might be available in other online books stores as well – search on your favorite book site.

If you pick it up, I hope you enjoy!


A stench lies on Avebury, New Hampshire. It isn’t something that one can smell, it is more of a psychic soot polluting everybody’s mood. No one recalls when it arrived, but there does seem to be a connection with the Old Mill and its mysterious new owners.


Following the trail of the local legend, the ghost of Martha Goode, Gill Baxter is driven to discover the truth behind the events of 1821 and, hopefully, prevent another “time of dying.” That trail, though, leads directly to The Old Mill.


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