Carrot Ranch Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic

I’ve always been fascinated with ancient sites.  When I visited the British Islands, I put things like Neolithic stone circles, Bronze Age tombs and Iron Age hillforts at the top of the itinerary.  Sure, I visited Roman ruins, went into old churches (which are great), explored castles (the more ruinous the better!) and played tourist at places like the Anne Hathaway Cottage, but it was the ancient sites that held my attention.

When I started blogging, I soon discovered a blog that often posted about ancient sites in Britain.  Yep, an immediate follow!!  Of course, I discovered a whole lot else after following the blog for a while.  There were personal posts and poems, stories and symbols. Even talk outside of Britain of my favorite city, Paris, but as part of the blogger’s personal history.

I also discovered the blog’s owner, Sue Vincent, the center of one of the largest chunks of the blogging community that I belong to and interact with.  Her weekly writephoto challenge is one of the best out there. Some of my best fiction was inspired by Sue’s marvelous photos in this challenge.

Sue can be found on her personal blog, which includes the travels and observations that first drew me in, poetry, personal posts and, of course, a large space devoted to the challenge.

Her dog, Ani, has her own blog where she shares poems and observations about living with a “two-legs” (human).

Sue also shares a blog with Stuart France, her partner in exploration and writing.  A lot of their observations can be found on this blog, including further exploration of Albion.

And then Sue is also a contributor to The Silent Eye.  I’ll let you look there for a better description.

Go check out her blogs!

Sue has given so much to our community, and we are trying to give back. One place where the community is showing the love is the Carrot Ranch’s “Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic”.  There are several “events”, but the the main event is the short story competition (the actual rodeo itself).  This is a fund raiser to help Sue and her family during her time of need.  I’m sure that even if you aren’t a writer, you can click the “donate” button ;) The contest will close at midnight on Friday, February 19th, 2021, so there is still a week left.

Anyway, go over to the Carrot Ranch now and check it out! Enter a story, poem, or other 99-word thought based on Sue’s beautiful photo!

19 thoughts on “Carrot Ranch Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic

  1. Marsha

    Trent this is a great tribute. It’s such an unusual thing to happen in one’s lifetime, as Sue put it, “It is almost as if I am getting to hear my own eulogy… and, odd as that may sound, it is a rare privilege.” It’s heartwarming to see how many people she touched. :)

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  2. Sue Vincent

    Thank you so much, Trent. I seem to spend a lot of time smiling through tears lately, as so many lovely things are said and written. It is almost as if I am getting to hear my own eulogy… and,odd as that may sound, it is a rare privilege.

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      1. Sue Vincent

        I have said it myself, Trent… it can be tragic when we have remained silent until it is too late. But it is only now, when I am uncertain of how much longer I will be around, that I truly understand the value of being on this end of that conversation. :)

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  3. Marilyn Armstrong

    I’ve been in touch with Sue since this began. For a while, I think she wasn’t sure she wanted to “go public,” but now that she had, I’m glad to pick this up and pass it along. She’s having such a difficult time. It’s a very difficult place to be.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I’m sure it is a very difficult position to be in! And reading her recent post about her discomfort with her swelling is heartbreaking. I am glad that she is seeing how many lives she has touched.


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Yes, you submit it through the form on the page. i saw in the comments that they don’t want people to put the stories, poems or whatever on their blogs since the judges are trying to do it “blind” and don’t want to accidentally see one and know whose it is.

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