Dreamscape #tanka

Super quick sketch…

Places in the fog
Once familiar yet different
Past and future twirl
A crack in the Universe
Is it in my mind or real?


This was written for Colleen’s weekly Poetry Challenge. This week we were to work with the concept of “Dreams“. I chose to write a tanka.


What does the image at the top have to do with the subject of the poem? A few months back I had a really strange dream. While trying to describe it to Sue Vincent, I decided to draw a quick picture. I later added it to the post (which you can see if you go to the post).

34 thoughts on “Dreamscape #tanka

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  2. Prior...

    PS – I am going to need to do the interview sometime in March – I will email you but wanted to chic in here real quick – had a few things come up and I don’t want to force a post if I am not available enough – ya know
    so hope that is cool and TTYS


  3. dprastka

    I like your poem, but I have to say creepy dreams! So strange all the coincidences with a year apart as I went back and read your other posts. I didn’t know cemetery’s could have that stench, even creepier! The sketch does serve it’s purpose detailing your dream. I have to say, I can’t think of a dream that I “smelled” something. That’s very interesting! 🤔🙂

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks. Maybe this is the reason why all of my longer works of fiction are “paranormal”, bordering on “horror”, i.e., Stephen King territory ;) The dream I had that I based The Halley Branch on was super creepy, and I used it with only a few alterations in the book. I have had smells in dreams, but it was always because that smell was in the house. This time it wasn’t which was odd. Besides the cemetery on the Cape I explored a year and half ago, the only other time I smelled it was in two different old cemeteries in England. Interesting, but hopefully nothing that will be repeated often ;)

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        1. trentpmcd Post author

          lol. Did you see the movie Shrek? In it, the princess spends the night in a chamber tomb. They don’t say that’s what it is, but he did ask if it were appropriate that she sleep in it…

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