Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic Entries and Winners!

Yesterday the folk over at the Carrot Ranch Literary Community announced the winners of the Carrot Ranch Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic! Please click on the link to go see the announcement and read the top three entries plus the three “Judge’s Picks”. You won’t be disappointed!

What I missed before is that they also posted all of the entries. I read through quite a few, and they were all great. There were around 60 entries from all over, all people paying tribute to Sue and the huge impact this one person has had on all of us out here. Do yourself a favor and browse through them :)

If you are curious, here is my entry (I copied this straight from their site):

Magical! by Trent McDonald


With a broad smile, the other man gazed across the fertile valley and surveyed the cold, snow covered mountains. “I spent half of my youth exploring this region in vain hopes of finding my way into Rivendell.”

“Ha! Another disappointed Tolkien fan. Welcome to reality.”

“That’s me. Or was. Let’s go; there is an even better vista just ahead.”

Dwinly watched from his perch as the two men disappeared into the wood.

That was close, too close.

Once satisfied he was alone, the elf jumped down and followed the secret path to the hidden home of Elron, Rivendell.

(Image below was used for the Rodeo)

Image by Sue Vincent

Sue can be found on her personal blog, which includes the travels and observations that first drew me in, poetry, personal posts and, of course, a large space devoted to the challenge.

Her dog, Ani, has her own blog where she shares poems and observations about living with a “two-legs” (human).

Sue also shares a blog with Stuart France, her partner in exploration and writing.  A lot of their observations can be found on this blog, including further exploration of Albion.

And then Sue is also a contributor to The Silent Eye.  I’ll let you look there for a better description.

Go check out her blogs!

8 thoughts on “Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic Entries and Winners!

  1. dprastka

    Thanks for sharing everything! I loved your story, so creative and magical! 💜 I’ve been reading all morning, clicking on so many links and I’m so sorry to hear about her terminal illness. So very sad and I can see how huge her footprint is on this blogging world and the writing world too! 💕
    What a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart and so gifted. Thank you for sharing! ❤️



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