The Beach #writephoto

At the Beach – Image by KL Caley

Yeah, you see those high fences with razor wire at the top they just put up?  Let me tell you about it…

You’ll know that they closed the beaches about a month ago.  They said “Red Tide” and all, you know those algae blooms that pretty much kill everything in their paths.  But why close the beach over that?

Yep, I wanted to find out too.

The other day me and my daughter Barb decided to check it out. We got her kids, little Tommy and Paul, and we all dressed up in the best protective gear we could find.  No stupid algae would ruin our day.

At first we saw nothing, no dead fish washed up, no nasty algae, nothing.

OK, “nothing” went pretty far, for there were no seagulls or anything else living or moving either.

So little Tommy saw it first.  He called us over and we stood around looking like a bunch of dopes.

Between our feet there was what looked like a small fish swimming in the sand.  We just saw the dorsal fin and back wriggling slowly, but just like a fish in water, only it wasn’t, it was sand.

There was an explosion of sand and Tommy was gone.  We all froze for a second, but started to move.  Barb was next and I began to run. 

I turned back to encourage Paul to run faster, but I was just in time to see that tentacle reach up out of the sand and nab him.

A few more seconds and I was at the parking lot.  I could see ripples on the sand as something moved towards me, but it stopped short.

The sheriff said I was nuts and the person at the state just hung up on me when I called.

But the fence went up the next day.

What do you mean you talked to Barb this morning? And that my grand-kids were at school?

Oh no, do you know what that means? They’re sending imposters over the fence!  Soon we’ll all be sand-shark food!

Stop laughing, Bill, and drink your beer.

I tell you, that’s exactly what’s going on down at the beach.  What’s your theory, then smarty?

Gee, a guy gets no respect around here.


This was written for this week’s writephoto challenge. KL Caley is now running the challenge. The photo at the top of the page is hers, and she gave us the key word, Beach.


OK, was I the only one that noticed that odd squiggle between their feet? I’ve read a few and nobody mentioned it.

26 thoughts on “The Beach #writephoto

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      It was the first thing I noticed – I think you wrote your story before mine, but I don’t read yours until KL reblogged it, so I hadn’t seen it when I wrote the note. Thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      lol, I thought you were going to tell us what it was! It looks like a rock, but…. Not sure if Grandpa was right. If so, I guess no more beach time for me ;) Thanks.



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