Subsea #writephoto

Subsea – Image by KL Caley

Ed couldn’t believe his luck.

It was in relatively shallow water and pretty close to the coast.  It was off of the beaten path, but still within an area known to tourists. It should not have existed, but there it was.

He rushed back to his room and did some searches, just to make sure it wasn’t known.  He was positive he would have seen something about it if it were well known, but he had to look.

Ed was touring the Greek isles and was spending a day snorkeling just off of one of the lesser-known ones.  He wasn’t an expert or anything, but he enjoyed it, and the crystal-clear water was just so amazing.

But then he had found it.

An ancient shipwreck.

Though shallow, it was too deep for him to do more than catch a glimpse of some perfectly preserved timber and a few large jars or amphora. 

How had this gone unnoticed?  Had a storm recently cleared off the sand and silt, exposing it for the first time in millennia?  It didn’t matter, it was there and he knew that he was the first to see it.

Of course, he would report it.  He had to.  But he decided to go back out and take another look.  Of course, taking anything would be completely illegal, but if something small, say a coin, somehow stuck to his hand, well…

Ed hyperventilated for a moment, took a huge breath, grabbed the heavy rock off of his inflatable, and dove with the help of that weight.

Even with that bit of help, he knew he only had a few seconds down at the wreck.

Not as much was exposed as he had thought.  He brushed away sand, but didn’t see much. Running out of air, he grabbed a pot and headed up.

When he reached the surface, he found himself surrounded by people shouting at him. 

Because of the night in jail, he missed his boat to the next island.  He would have to find someone to take him.  He was sure it would be expensive.

As would be the fines.

Walking through town back to get his belongings out of the hotel before he would be charged for another night, he saw the announcements everywhere.  How had he missed them before?  OK, they were all written in Greek, which is what he saw, though some did have English printed on them as well.

A movie team was out on the island filming a special about a shipwreck.  Do not swim, dive or snorkel off of certain beaches!

They said they lost an entire day of filming as they cleaned up the mess he had made of the set.

Back at the hotel he looked up his next destination.  “Your luck will shine on this beautiful island.  Do you want to have a gorgeous beach to yourself?  Perhaps find a hidden treasure?  Have surprise encounter with a movie star as you wander the deserted alleys?  This is your destination!”

Ed crumpled up the brochure. 

Perhaps staying the day in the deepest of the tourist locations wasn’t so bad after all.


This was written for the writephoto challenge. KL Caley provided the photo at the top along with the key word “subsea”.

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            1. trentpmcd Post author

              I know, I was joking (sometimes it doesn’t sound like English). Not joking, hopefully I’ll be going there in 2022 – and hopefully the world isn’t still on lock down in a year!!



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