Portal #writephoto

Portal – Image by Rebecca M. Douglass

“Look Mommy, the world is split open!”

“No dear, that’s just a puddle.  It rained last night and there are puddles all around.  See?”

“But there’s trees and things in there…”

“No, Danny, you are just seeing the reflections of the trees around us.  Look down into the puddle and then up above you.  It’s the same.  See?”

“But I saw someone move down there.”

“No, that was just us; we’re reflected, like the trees.  When I wave, that reflection of me waves too.  See?”

“But there is something down there…”

“No, it is all just on the surface.  Well, if you look, the road is visible.  See?”

Danny didn’t ask any more questions, so Mommy, turned to walk away.  It was just seconds before she realized he wasn’t keeping up with her.

Mommy turned.

He wasn’t there.

She whipped around, looking everywhere.

No Danny.

She yelled.

No answer.

She stopped at “Danny’s puddle”.

See, it does look like a crack in the world.

She shook her head.

See, those trees don’t look like the trees above your head.

She spun around wildly.

“Danny?” she yelled.

See, there is someone moving in there.

She fell down onto her knees in front of the puddle.

“Danny?” she whispered.


This was written for this week’s write photo challenge, hosted by KL Caley. KL shared the photo, taken by Portal – Image by Rebecca M. Douglass, and the key word, portal.

32 thoughts on “Portal #writephoto

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      They do often see the world different, and poor “Mommy” couldn’t take the time to see the wold in quite the same way! Hopefully she does so she can follow…


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