Trumpet Skies Descend #cinquain #butterflycinquain

distant voices call
golden tones play purple
birds unseen are heard in distance
embers grow soft, oboe to flute
the somber sky descends
heavy eyelids


This was written for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. Today was a choice between synonyms only and writing a butterfly cinquain with a color word included. I chose the later. I’ll let you decide on the meaning ;)

39 thoughts on “Trumpet Skies Descend #cinquain #butterflycinquain

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  3. WildChild47

    Very evocative Trent – it’s like slipping into the sunset sky itself …. and I really like how you’ve used the colours and different elements, sound (birds) and musical instruments …. definitely very rich ….. a very perfect combination coming together …. :D

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